Friday, March 17, 2017

Early Review of She Marches Through Fire

I received this lovely early review yesterday from fellow author Stuart Kenyon.  If you've never tried his books, you should.  Swiftly Sharpens the Fang is brilliant, and I'm looking forward to trying his dystopian Subnormal series.  He is a top quality indie author, so his good opinion of She Marches Through Fire means the world to me.  Read on below:

"Author Ms Manay had a tough job if she wanted to top book 2 of the November Snow Series, She Lights Up the Dark, especially given its climactic ending. However, she's done so in style: Book 3 is even smarter, even more compelling and even more powerful than its predecessor.

Young vampire prodigy November begins proceedings in dire straits, poisoned by her new arch enemy, William. Robbed of her myriad powers, she must find an antidote, because so much more than her own life is at stake. The fate of the whole world, of humans and supernaturals alike, hangs in the balance, as a family dispute threatens to trigger all-out race war. November needs not only to regain her strength, but also to realise her full potential, the majority of which remains untapped.

Characterisation is as sharp as ever, and the dialogue is wickedly humorous. Interplay between the unlikely allies is inspired, with bad-boy-forced-to-be-good Luka stealing most scenes. Most impressive for me is the novel's ambition. Time travel, teleportation, alternate realities, time freezes - somehow, Manay crams all of them into a book without slowing or confusing the plot. Furthermore, she manages to make a salient point about the era in which we live. There are too many Williams in the world today, but not enough Novembers, Guls or Savitas, and if we continue to allow the war-mongers to enthrall us, dark days are ahead.

Usually, books are plot-driven, character-driven or theme-driven. Rarely have I seen all three facets combined with such skill. I take my hat off to the author; SHE MARCHES THROUGH FIRE is an outstanding piece of literature."

You can see why this review made my week.  :-) Now that you've got his endorsement, pretty please head on over to your ebook retailer of choice and pre-order She Marches Through Fire so you can see what the fuss is about just as soon as March 28th rolls around.

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