Monday, May 18, 2015

Sick Day Reflections

Here are a few moments of gratitude resulting from my child's recent (minor) illness.

1) Thank goodness for my husband

My dear husband fetched Gatorade.  He got me two hours to myself outside the house when my cabin fever set in.  He got up at 2 am to dose the child.  He got me naps.  He entertained Mr. Cranky McFeverpants.  MVP right here.

2) Thank goodness for the DVR and YouTube and smartphones

Those screentime limits go out the window when the thermometer hits 103.  Yay for having hours of cartoons stored away and/or available on the internet.  Chromecast for the win.

3) Thank goodness for pharmaceuticals

Motrin and Tylenol: two great tastes that taste great together.

4) Thank goodness for plumbing and running water

Stomach bug.  Enough said.

5) Thank goodness for the Target dollar section

That last day, when they're mostly better but can't go to school yet, those cheap art projects and activity books are lifesavers.  Yay for stickers and coloring and card games.

6) Thank goodness for snuggles

Snuggles are the best medicine, for caregiver and sick one alike.

Of course, all of these things I'm grateful for have something in common: they rely on my husband's employment.  He has the kind of job that allows him to run by Rite Aid during lunch or go into work a little late without getting in trouble.  He has the kind of job where he makes enough money that I can run to get him from school the moment a virus rears its ugly head, stay home and snuggle with him as much as he wants, and keep him home as many days as necessary.  My husband makes enough money that I can grab some fun stuff from the store just because and not worry.  He has the kind of job that has good family health insurance.  And I am beyond grateful.

I am acutely aware of the fact that this is not most people's reality.  That's why we need things like paid sick days (shout out to my cousin at PathwaysPA), the Affordable Care Act, and a decent minimum wage.  Being able to care for your sick children shouldn't be a luxury of the few.

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