Thursday, December 3, 2015

Book Review: Airbag Scars by Jim Heskett

Airbag Scars is the first in a new series of thrillers by Jim Heskett.  If you like crisp writing and interesting characters, this guy is for you.  The main character, Micah, is an alcoholic struggling to make a new life after testifying against some very unsavory characters, one of whom has come looking for payback.

The novel is compelling from the very first page.  Heskett knows how to pace the book, parceling out just enough information to keep you turning that page.  I also enjoy how he varies the point of view.  One of my favorite details in the book is that Micah's friend/boss/sponsor/father figure is African American.  I like to see diversity in popular fiction.  The villain illustrates that a criminal doesn't have to be smart or careful in order to be dangerous, much like Elmore Leonard's criminals.  I like that the female lead is capable and full of fight though wounded by life, and that Micah is on a quest for redemption and renewal, however difficult that path may be.  I'm glad this book is the start of the series because I want to see more from these characters.

Looking for holiday or airplane reading?  Stocking up a new tablet or Kindle?  Check out Airbag Scars.

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