Monday, October 17, 2016

My RRBC Spotlight Tour

I just completed a blog tour organized by the Rave Reviews Book Club.  This is a group of indie authors who have come together for community and mutual support.  Every month, active members have a chance to be chosen to be highlighted by the club in a number of ways (Spotlight Author, Members of the Month, Book of the Month, Member of the Week, etc.).  The choice is based largely on the quality of support you provide to your fellow members,  so the more you put into helping others, the more you get out of participating in the club.

The tour was a blast.  My hosts were lovely and generous.  They gave me a chance to share about my life, my process, and my work.  I got a nice uptick in sales as well as a chance to strengthen my online presence by being featured in so many different blogs.  Additionally, it was gratifying and heartwarming to get to know some of my fellow writers via our discussions of my posts.  I was also thrilled to be interviewed by the inimitable Bill Ward on the Rave Waves Internet radio channel.

I encourage you to check out my posts and interview, as well as the Rave Reviews Book Club itself.  I've had great fun since I joined at the beginning of 2016, and I've learned a great deal from my fellow members.


  1. I enjoyed your Spotlight week too, A?M. You did really great.

  2. RRBC's a community going from strength to strength because of people like you A.M. :-D You Light Up Our Kindles ;-)

  3. Wonderful post, Anne Margaret! I certainly enjoyed your "SPOTLIGHT" Tour. You gave us a better glimpse into yourself and your writing. Congrats on an exciting week!! :) ~Mar

  4. Glad you enjoyed your "SPOTLIGHT" A. M.!