Thursday, December 1, 2016

Book Launch: Reflections by John Fioravanti

It's so easy to get lost during the holidays.  We get spun up over the shopping, the parties, the travel, the family conflicts.  We become overwhelmed.  We lose sight of what is really important.

My fellow author and Rave Reviews Book Club member, John Fioravanti, is coming to your rescue.  Tomorrow he releases his second book of nonfiction, Reflections.  He provides his thoughts and interpretations of fifty quotations, both historical and contemporary.  It's been my pleasure to work with him to create launch graphics for this book, and I'm excited to see his latest endeavor come to fruition.

John is a tremendously thoughtful and creative individual, the published author of two science fictions novels as well as a memoir about his teaching career.  I'm excited to see how he draws out meaning in this new work, and how he will inspire us all to do the same.

As we head into the holiday whirlwind, I suggest you grab yourself a copy of Reflections, to serve as a calm in the storm . . .  or perhaps as a bunker, depending on your family circumstances.  Happy reading!  

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