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Character Interview with November Snow

My newsletter subscribers got first crack at this a few weeks ago, but now it's time to share this interview with the rest of you.  Get a peek into November's thoughts at the start of She Marches Through Fire (November Snow Book 3).  Be warned that there are minor spoilers.  If you like to go in blind, save this for after March 28th.  Happy reading!

So, what’s it like being a vampire with superpowers?
The saving the world part is good.  The teleporting does make me feel like kind of a badass.  Things still somehow manage to go wrong, though, even for a teleporting psychic.  I don’t regret it, though.  Winding up like this, I mean.  This is still a better life than I had before I met all these crazy people.

Better how?
I guess it’s just more honest.  I’m more honest with the world, with myself.  I always had to hide my visions before William found me at the carnival.  I had to lie to almost everyone about what I was going through, every single day.  That’s no way to live.

What is the hardest part of being you?
I suppose that it’s living with the guilt.  I’ve killed people— out of necessity, mostly, not desire— and that is hard to carry around.  The other tough part is the expectation heaped upon me, by others and by myself.  It’s a lot of pressure.

How’s your love life these days?
Ha!  I don’t have a love life.  I have ill-advised flings and doomed romances, also ill-advised.  I’m not really in the right headspace for an actual relationship, nor am I convinced I’m going to live long enough to see one through.  Maybe someday.

How are you feeling?
Like I’m being continuously run over by a bus.  A bus with claws.  William poisoned the heck out of the bullet he shot me with, and we’re frantically trying to find an antidote before I bite the dust.  I’m stuck drinking a ton of vampire blood to try to stay alive.  It’s a pretty discouraging situation.

What are your hopes for the future, aside from saving the world?
I hope I get to see Eden.  It’s this community of fairies, humans, werewolves, and vampires living together.  I know the guy who founded it, and after all the violence I’ve seen lately, it sounds like absolute paradise.

What do you regret most?
I regret killing that boy in Oakland who was attacking my friend Jaime.  It was an accident.  I wish I’d had more self-control. 
I regret how things ended with Ilyn.  I wish we’d had more time together.  Not that I think we would have necessarily wound up living happily ever after, but I would have liked the relationship to begin and end on my terms, you know?  Instead of having him stolen from me because of other people’s machinations.

How’s the vampire family?  Is there drama?
Oh, jeez.  How much time do you have?  We’re driving each other nuts, living in close quarters like this.  Getting to know Raina a little has been good, though.  She’s a hoot, and she doesn’t put up with any nonsense.  Swears like a sailor.  She’s got Luka locked up in silver stocks that he evidently gave her for Christmas, like, 500 years ago or something.  I don’t know where the hell Nigel is.  I hope he’s okay.  William is, presumably, doing something terrible as we speak.  Gregory and Savita are on their way to Eden.  Savita is a total wreck, or so they tell me.  So am I, I guess, when you come down to it.  I’m just trying to keep my head above water. 

I notice you left out Luka.  How is he doing?
Yeah . . . Luka is awfully chipper for a prisoner who has lost almost everything.  He is all up in my business, all night long, every night.  So eager to “help.”  It’s infuriating.  He’s like one of those plants that works its way into the cracks in the wall, and before you know it, it’s knocked the whole damned thing down. 

Intrigued?  Grab your copy of She Marches Through Fire, and find out just where November’s story goes.

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