Monday, April 10, 2017

Book Review: Manifesting Destiny by M. Pepper Langlinais

I was very excited to try something by talented multi-genre author M. Pepper Langlinais. As a lover of fantasy, I thought I'd start with her magical young adult tale Manifesting Destiny. I cannot tell you enough about how much I enjoyed it!

This YA fantasy is engaging, touching, and exciting.  In a world where most people undergo a startling metamorphosis upon reaching maturity, Cee and Marcus face the prospect of their close friendship being forever severed when they realize that they are transforming into members of enemy clans.  Accompanied by two friends, they venture into the wilderness seeking help only to find ever increasing danger.  They face the prospect of losing their very selves and find that their world and its inhabitants don't match what they've been taught to believe.

The writing is clean, modern, and vivid without being fussy or overwrought.  The characters are all realistically drawn, their flaws and strengths combining to render each sympathetic in her or his own way.  The world building is skillfully executed, communicating both the wonder of magical talents and the quotidian oppression of a dystopian society that the characters have grown up to accept. The plot is interestingly woven, and I impatiently await the sequel.

Check out the blurb below:

Sixteen-year-old Cee has a hopeless crush on her best friend Marcus. Unfortunately for her, he’s gay. In the wake of Marcus’s older brother leaving home to join the Aerie, Marcus has become increasingly distant. When Cee discovers she has a troublesome dragon named Livian living inside her things grow even more complicated.

Marcus urges Cee to go to the Magi to have Livian removed, but the more Cee becomes attached to Livian, the more she questions the decision. Should she change her natural self for the crush who will never love her anywa

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