Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wishing Shelf Book Awards Feedback for She Dies at the End

I was pretty chuffed today to receive the reader feedback from a contest I entered, The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.  The certificate was nice, but the quotes made my day.  See for yourself:

‘This author works very well with description of character, setting and with speech to offer the reader a fascinating story, well plotted and packed full of wonderful characters. I enjoyed it very much.’ Male reader, aged 42 

‘This book is all about pacing. It’s got it in truck-loads.’ Female reader, aged 27 

‘There is nothing better than a fantasy where the author is capable of creating a fantasy world you can fall into. Well, I fell – pretty hard. Excellent. I’d highly recommend it to any fantasy lover.’ Female reader, aged 54 

‘November Snow is a memorable character. She’s strong, but not always, susceptible to love, but not endlessly (see Twilight for endlessly boring I’m in love with a vampire) and, best of all, her powers are fascinating. The author has a light pen, able to describe the world in depth but also keep up the pacing. I look forward to reading the rest of his author’s books.’ Male reader, aged 24 

‘One of the best things about being a reader for The Wishing Shelf Book Awards is that I get introduced to brilliant new authors. This author is one of them.’ Female reader, aged 61 

You can see why I was so excited.  It's nice to get a little encouragement.  You can read She Dies at the End for only $0.99.  Get your friends hooked.  :-)

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