Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Release: Brother's Keeper by Jolie Mason

Jolie Mason turns up the heat in the second offering in the Brother Assassins series.  Brother's Keeper follows assassin Bry's efforts to protect a whistle-blowing journalist named Cari as their society begins to implode around them.  Complicating matters is a heartbreaking deception Bry undertook to protect both Cari and her family.

Mason's tale is engaging as always, with a fun mix of excitement and romance.  The sex is a little more explicit this time than in some of her previous work, but it is still tasteful.  The emotions are heartfelt and touchingly rendered, and the characters are sketched beautifully.  The action is suspenseful and crisp.

Brother's Keeper can be enjoyed without having read Brother Mine (Brother Assassins Book 1), but I would recommend you grab that one first.  The emotional impact of the events will be far greater if you understand the back story.

If sci-fi romance is a new genre for you, Jolie Mason is the author to start with.  Happy reading!


  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I did worry about the heat factor there. So glad that worked for you. :) You know, you just start writing and one thing leads to another....