Monday, June 26, 2017

Sale on Fantasy by Herb Mallette

As a huge fan of Herb Mallette's Charms and Witches, I was stoked to find out that his Delvonian Series is on sale this week.  The first three are reduced in price, and the last one is free!  I'm sharing the blurbs below to give you a taste for the series.  Happy reading!

The Last Tragedy

When two of the world's greatest adventurers disappear, it falls to their heirs - Jake Warbler and the half-sprite Noxie - to retrace their steps and confront whatever evil took them. The only clues point to a literary enigma from the depths of antiquity: the Last Tragedy of Coeldoetta of Jueln. Missing and unread since the fall of long-ago empires, the Tragedy has doomed a thousand previous seekers. Can Jake and Noxie unearth this legendary play after so many others have failed? Or will they fall victim along the way to the same bloody-minded cult that vanquished their missing elders?

Note: I'm told this one can be read out of order.

Avelia Warbler wakes from two years of magical healing with a price on her head and the minions of a bloodthirsty cult dogging her heels. The world has changed while she slept, and that sleep has changed her as well. Now a sixty-year-old woman in a twenty-year-old body, she must dodge assassins, bounty hunters, and the ghosts of her own past on her way to a sorcerous labyrinth of recollection where the face of her greatest enemy lies hidden.

The Sharp Edge of Memory is the first novel in a trilogy (The Aveliad), as well as the second novel of the Delvonian Tales. It is preceded by The Last Tragedy, but can be read independently.

To save her family from a bloodthirsty, sorcerous cult, Avelia Warbler must kidnap the most powerful woman in the world: The Identity of Cimone, who dwells in a castle beyond mortal approach. But when Avelia calls in all her markers for support, only Shoje Keindan shows up -- a master thief of extraordinary skill who is also madly in love with her. Can she manage to steal the cult’s high priestess when her only ally is bent on stealing her heart?

The might of an empire has been roused against Avelia Warbler as the cult of Cimone pulls a thousand strings to regain its kidnapped priestess. While her love and a cadre of loyal friends work to foil these pursuits, Avelia must attempt a harder journey still -- a search for some enchantment, if such exists, that can break the will of the most evil woman alive. For if the Identity cannot be made to reveal her secrets, then the cult she leads will inevitably swallow the world in darkness . . .

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