Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review of Redemption's Requiem by Jolie Mason

I love Jolie Mason's blend of sci-fi and romance.  Spaceships, mechs, war, and love . . . how can you go wrong?  In her new release, Redemption's Requiem, Mason wraps up (for now, at least) the universe in which her Lancers Series resides.

This swan song focuses on Cat and Murphy of the Redemption.  Cat is a brilliant pilot with a lot of healing to do, and Murphy is the ship's captain who wants to help that along.  There is a big bad weapon to go after, and it's going to take a bunch of our old Lancers friends to go after it (Hopper, Dahlia, etc.).  Both the mission and romance plotlines move quickly and come to satisfying conclusions.  Mason once again brings good, reliable outer space fun.

If you've ever read any of Mason's work, this is one not to miss.  If you haven't, and if you liked Battlestar or Firefly, then what the heck are you waiting for?